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The Coach’s Alphabet: R = Recognition

Through the Coach’s Alphabet I examine values one letter at a time.  For this installment we look at RECOGNITION, a value that people are often hesitant to admit is important, fearing it signifies narcissism. Yet according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of … Continue reading

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The Coach’s Alphabet: Q = Quality

A big part of the American Dream is to achieve a certain ‘quality of life,’ yet many of us spend a great deal of time and expend a large amount of energy pursuing the dream without contemplating exactly what we … Continue reading

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The Coach’s Alphabet: E = Energy

Are you experiencing an energy crisis? My guess is that you’re not. If you were in an actual crisis, you would be taking steps to change. A crisis implies some significant upheaval with dire consequences. But most of us who are feeling … Continue reading

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