Hailing from New England, I studied theatre, television and film in London and New York prior to moving to Los Angeles. During a decade working in Hollywood I temped at CAA, CBS, Disney and DreamWorks, freelanced on the Academy Awards and Emmys and served as the Career Coach for the International Cinematographer’s Guild. During this time I noticed creative people losing their inspiration and ‘spark’ amidst the struggle and rejection encountered while pursuing their dreams.

I found that my intuition, imagination and understanding of human dynamics, along with my love of collaboration, supports me in creating a safe space for people to reflect upon their current circumstances, visualize the future they truly want and bridge the gap in-between.

My credentials include a certification as a Professional Life Coach, Master’s Degrees in Industrial Social Work and Non-Profit Management, and a sense of humor that can transform almost any aggravation into an engaging story. I also hold a PhD in Depth Psychology, which explores the mysteries hidden in the depths of the unconscious that reveal themselves through relationships, dreams, personal narratives, ancient mythology, active imaginations, and other forms of creative expression.

My experience, education, and curiosity inspired my dissertation research on ‘hospitality’ and how we simultaneously embrace and reject the archetypal roles of host and guest in relationship to the collective community and our own personal growth. In simpler terms, I explore how we can become more hospitable and receptive to ourselves, others and the world around us.

I love Life Coaching because it is a pro-active collaboration where the coach and client work and play together to identify the realities of the present and maximize the potential of the future. If you are in a period of transition, on the verge of a new adventure or just crave more balance, fulfillment and fun in your personal and professional lives, you’ve found theCoach4you.


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