The Coach’s Alphabet (vol. II): M = Momentum

M = Momentum

As human beings we are prone to obey Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: “An object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an external force.” Despite our conscious intentions (and New Year resolutions), human beings are designed to resist change. Our acceptance of status-quo is less a matter of failed will-power and more a principal of physics. This is why so many life changes are instigated through external crisis such as the loss of a job, the break-up of a relationship, or the diagnosis of a disease. But there can be another way!

As a Life and Executive Coach, I work with individuals and organizations to proactively create a vision, design a structure, and provide consistent accountability to first define and then achieve success. We work (and play) together to breakthrough existing conditions and habitual patterns that are no longer productive, exhilarating, or aligned with who they are and what they want. Through a blend of reflection and action, we infuse the individual moments of life with the energy and attitude to build a momentum of purposeful proactivity and productivity (and play).

Momentum in life consists of two parts,

(1) An initial impetus (positive or negative) that provides enough force to stimulate change and

(2) The ongoing drive that enables you to increase speed and alter direction if you choose.

As the adage goes, life is a journey not a destination.

The question is, “Who is driving the bus?”

When wanting to foster momentum in your life it is less about motivation and more about inspiration.

I suggest rather than focusing on a specific goal or outcome, nurture a consistent theme or value…a thru-line that provides consistency in a world that often feels like it is made up of fragmented bits and competing demands. That way, regardless of what external or negative forces try to derail you, your momentum will continue to flourish.

  • If you feel that you are a passenger being driven in a direction that provides you little opportunity, wonder, or passion, ask yourself, “How long am I willing to stay on this path?”
  • If you are no longer satisfied waiting for some outward circumstance to force you to detour, it is time to re-route yourself.
  • Call a friend, join a group, take a class, or consult a coach to help you stir-up status-quo and create positive momentum.
  • At the very least, review the values explored through past entries of The Coach’ Alphabet, select one that resonates with you, and identify how you can honor it.

That simple first step of inviting a value such as: integrity, choicefun, simplicity, or celebration into your life can initiate the momentum that will energize your outlook and accelerate your dreams.

Wishing you much momentum and meaning,

Ps – If you would like a complimentary MOMENTUM MAKEOVER (aka: a 30-min sample coaching session via phone), please contact me at to set up a time.

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