The Coach’s Alphabet (vol. II): K = Kickoff

fullsizeoutput_5d50K = KICK-OFF

THE COACH’S ALPHABET is a tool to explore your values and thus your attitudes and emotions one letter at time, from A = ACCOUNTABILITY thru Z = ZEAL. It is a great structure except when arriving at a letter like K that lends itself to a limited number of options. In Volume One I wrote about the value of KNOWING, which seems to leave only KINDNESS for Volume Two, but that concept has been covered thru the recent values of BENEVOLENCE, GENEROSITY, and HOSPITALITY. As we are still in the first quarter of the New Year some of us might be vulnerable to some-post resolution regret if not despair. In an effort to revive that ‘fresh start momentum,’ I’m utilizing some poetic license and choosing K for KICK-OFF. Although it might not be a value, KICK-OFF does represent the value of new beginnings, the ENERGY of starting a new game, the OPPORTUNITY to cross a new threshold, and the chance to set the pace, tone, and intention as we move towards our goal.

To be honest, I know very little about football, but my understanding is that a KICK-OFF happens at the start of a game, when the ball is first put into play and goes from being static to being projected forward with great acceleration and purpose. Then, once a goal is made or points are scored, another KICK-OFF takes place – sending the ball back in the opposite direction and requiring you and your team to chase it down, tackle your opponents, and move it yard-by-yard and down-by-down back towards your goal.

In football, as in life, we can get frustrated when overpowered or outsmarted by our opponents, when we find ourselves sidelined by someone else’s bad calls or worse, our own bad choses. Yet, we understand the back-and-forth nature required to progress towards a win, we appreciate and accept the need to alternate between offense and defense, and we often find it exhilarating when the game is so well matched it leads into overtime.

Whether we win or lose on or off the field depends on our ability to muster the ENERGY, resilience, and PASSION to KICK-OFF as many times as necessary. It also relies on our having the perception, patience, and judgment to receive the KICK-OFF coming in our direction and either hold our ground, or if all the stars align, run ahead without distraction for 90 yards and make the touchdown.

Each football team is made up smaller teams–specialized groups each with unique talents and functions. As 2017 is still in its ‘kick-off’ phase, it’s not too late to:

  • Clarify your goals,
  • Identify your special talents and functions,
  • Gather a team around you to fill in the gaps and cover your ***,
  • Create a strategy to successfully move forward past obstacles and towards your end zone, &
  • Kick as hard as you can.

If you are curious to experience how a coach can help you kick-off the year with a clear vision and effective game plan, please contact me via I’ll be rooting for you!


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