The Coach’s Alphabet: G = GRACE

Doodle GWe have gotten to the letter ‘G’ in the Coach’s Alphabet. There were many topics I could have written about: goals, gratitude, gregariousness, but the value of GRACE resonated with me most. Probably because it is the one that on the surface seems least familiar to my day-to-day existence. As a noun, GRACE means simple elegance or refinement of movement. As a verb it is to do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s presence. What a lovely concept, that just by being in each other’s company you honor them and they you.

I have never thought about it in those terms, but I feel that way with my close friends, especially the six women from high school I will be meeting a week from Friday for a weekend retreat. We have been friends since Jr. High School (and a couple of us met in preschool). Our relationships have waxed and waned during the decades since graduation, each of us going off to different colleges, being in different stages of marriage and family and dealing with various milestones—from remarkable achievements to tragic disappointments. Yet we’ve always stayed connected, even renting vacation houses during the summers of our 30th and 40th years to celebrate our collective birthdays. Not wanting to wait until our 50th, we’ve decided to make our reunions an annual affair. When we come together there is a lot of silly playfulness, gossipy chatter about other members of our class which only half of us remember, and often tears as we redistribute some emotional baggage.

It seems that I might have moved away from the topic at hand… that of GRACE. But allow me bring it back by saying that there is a fluidity to grace, a quality of approachable beauty, an inviting comfort, and a sense of charm that both stimulates and puts one at ease. I find this GRACE in the company of friends that know me deeply and pro-actively appreciate my best qualities and passively tolerate my lesser ones. I find this GRACE in some of the fabulous people I’ve met throughout my education and career who have shared their time, stories and guidance, as well as the ones who permitted me to share mine.

I also find this GRACE when I allow myself the time, space, and solitude to be present to a beautiful landscape. Nature is inherently graceful. It offers us a reprieve from our hectic lives where we are often too busy for the simple elegance that enables us to experience our own inherent grace. This week – where you go and what will you do to honor someone or something with your presence. Make time for GRACE!

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