The Coach’s Alphabet: E = Energy

Doodle EAre you experiencing an energy crisis? My guess is that you’re not. If you were in an actual crisis, you would be taking steps to change. A crisis implies some significant upheaval with dire consequences. But most of us who are feeling tired, depleted, and ambivalent are muddling along doing what needs to be done – even if we do it without much stimulation or satisfaction.

You’ve probably been tired for so long that your lack of energy and enthusiasm seem like the norm. But what if it’s not? What if you aren’t meant to get through the day feeling just fine? What if your normal could be fabulous? That doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days and dark moods, but by raising your baseline energy level, you will be better equipped to handle life’s frustrations and disappointments and you will bounce back faster.

What is energy? Energy is your inherent power and potency. It is your capacity for vigorous action and the ability to maximize your resources and efficiently exert your strengths. Our energy exists on a spectrum, from positive: courage, creativity, grace, wit, flexibility, optimism, proactivity, passion and compassion; to negative: fear, anger, hopelessness, rigidness, indifference, doubt and guilt.

When we experience positive energy we are open, accepting, and curious – which provides us, and the people around us access to more energy. When we experience negative energy we are limited, critical, and judgmental – which is equally if not more contagious.

Try this exercise… Think of a time when you felt really energized. When you were “in the zone,” things seemed to just fall into place, you were able to harness your power and go with the flow. What elements were in place? Were you alone or with other people? Were you at work or at play? Were you well rested or running on adrenalin? Did the moment arise spontaneously or had you been working towards it for a long time?

What elements from that moment can you use to generate more vigor day-to-day. Do you need to seize control of a part of your life that you’ve been ignoring, or do you need to let go of some random goal that’s been on your TO DO list for months or years but no longer serves you?

Before you can shift your energy, you need to know what an energized you looks and feels like and what strategies to put into place. My suggestion is stand FIRM!

(F)uel = What foods and beverages will provide you sustainable energy to get you to where you want to go? Are quick fixes of caffeine and sugar negatively impacting your energy and endurance?

(I)nspiration = What inspires you to think outside the box, to feel creative, to notice beauty, to experience wonder, to appreciate what is working in your life, and to take time to play?

(R)ejuvenate = Do you feel energized by quiet moments alone in meditation? Do you need to treat yourself to a massage or reading a murdery mystery? Or do you find stimulation and motivation when engaging in group activities, hosting a game night or going out for a night on the town?

(M)ovement = One way to increase our energy is to exert it efficiently. Rather than feeling depleted by physical activity our body becomes stronger, more flexible, and more able to meet the challenges ahead when it is in motion.

Shifting your energy 10% can make you feel 100% better. So don’t wait for a crisis, be FIRM now! Monitor your fuel intake, look for opportunities to be inspired, take time to rejuvenate, and move! The more you focus on strengthening your own positive energy, the less vulnerable you will be to the negative energy of others.

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