B is for Balance

bCoaching, in sports, career or life, is about consciously applying effective strategies to improve your performance and achieve the results you crave.  If you are unfulfilled with certain aspects of your life, one strategy to achieve satisfaction is to explore the VALUES you live day-to-day and reflect upon which ones are being honored and which require a bit more attention.

One tool I use with my clients is THE ABC’S OF LIFE COACHING. The suggested structure is to focus on one value per week or month to increase your conscious awareness about your relationship to that value. Jot down your answers to the five reflective questions in a private journal or work with a partner to compare answers and see how different people interpret and incorporate the values in their lives.

In the last post, A is for ACCOUNTABILITY, we looked at the importance of having structure and receiving feedback for your efforts. Next, we look at BALANCE (A state of equilibrium, to bring into proportion, harmony.)  

You can think of balance as a seesaw that is constantly moving.  The goal is not to stabilize the board in the center like a bench, but to maintain a rhythm of even swings that move from high to low in an orderly fashion. Respond to the following questions and start noticing what balance means to you.

  1. What is your definition of balance?  How does it show up in your life?
  2. Please give a metaphor of your relationship with balance?
  3. How do you know when you are out of balance?  What does it feel like?
  4. What is possible for you when you feel in balance?
  5. Are the decisions you are making moving you towards or away from balance?

“As a silversmith sifts dust from silver, remove your own imbalances little by little.” ~ The Dhammapada

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